Vineyard College believes in the great worth of on-the-job training. Our courses are carefully balanced between practical training and academic study, enabling you to learn and grow while you outwork your calling. We offer courses that challenge your mind and lay foundations to help you become a student of the Bible and a more developed follower of Jesus. All Vineyard College's qualifications are NZQA-approved.


How internships work


Have a go!

Many people would like to “have a go” at areas of ministry to which they feel called. Vineyard College internships allow you the time and training you need.


You’re not alone.

We offer the opportunity to spend a year or two learning and working in your church or organisation under the care of a mentor.

You spend 15 hours a week in academic study and 15 hours a week in a ministry area of your choice as mapped out with your supervisor – you make a plan at the beginning of each semester and then spend the next few months implementing it and reviewing it.


Structured for you.

During the semester, you meet regularly with your supervisor to monitor your progress and have academic assignments (mainly essays) to complete. 

Your internship year can be undertaken at either level 4 or level 5 and comprises 40 weeks plus 6 weeks of holidays.

Most students begin their studies at the start of a year, and if there are vacancies we do a second intake in semester 2 in July. 


Internships Tasks

Each week you are required to do a minimum of 15 learning hours of practical, experiential activity. The scope of activities and endeavours is wide, including:


• Youth work
• Worship teams and support crew
• Community outreach groups
• Small groups
• Administration and organisation
• School holiday programmes
• Building maintenance
• Pastoral care
• Church services
• Prayer ministry teams
• Running a church/community café
• Leader’s PA
• Public speaking or research assistant for speakers


• Church planting
• Assistant pastors
• Alternative congregations within a church
• Graphics and marketing
• Running food banks
• Prison ministries
• Ministry to the elderly
• Ministry to the poor/marginalised
• Ministry to at-risk youth
• High school clubs
• Bible in schools
• Youth activities
• Alpha groups
• Spiritual development courses
• Chaplaincy to sports teams, workplaces etc 


If you can see a need in your organisation or community, you can design your experience around that under the guidance of your mentor.