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Our story

Starting with a few night school classes in 1996, we have now grown into a vibrant college with students from a wide variety of churches and agencies across New Zealand.

Students do full time distance learning courses through internships in their local churches and organisations, and a large contingent of them do part time study in their preferred area of interest.

We value our connections with the wider body of Christ, and are pleased to have interns from all kinds of church and parachurch organisations.

We have a partnership with Emmaus Palmerston North through which we run the internship programme.

Our structure

Vineyard College is owned by the Association of Vineyard Churches Aoteoroa/New Zealand and is part of the worldwide Vineyard church movement founded by John Wimber.

The College is a member of the Christian Theological & Ministries Education Sector of New Zealand Education.

Vineyard College is governed by the Vineyard College Board of Directors, which is responsible to the Association of Vineyard Churches Board of Directors.

The Association of Vineyard Churches Aoteoroa New Zealand is known legally as the Vineyard Christian Fellowship Trust and is incorporated under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957 and is exempt from the Provisions of the Income Tax Act.

The College is also reviewed annually by the Association of Vineyard Churches Board on an advisory basis.

Our Funding

Vineyard College receives funding from the Tertiary Education Commission for each New Zealand student enrolled, in the form of Student Achievement Component Funding. This money is used for the running of the College.

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